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Janurary 2011 Issue
Runner up Edge Awards 2010. Best Indie. and..
Winner Most Effective Tool for Ruining Freindships!
"It's either the ultimate office game or an exercise in social devastation"

December 23, 2010
PC Gamer UK - Webgame of the Year
Graham Smith at
"Five weeks of plotting, bluffing and double-crossing with Neptune's Pride, the most duplicitous strategy game of the year."

Novemember 13, 2010
The PC's Best Free Games Right Now
Luke Plunkett at
"quite the cult hit amongst fans of space strategy sims"

August 12, 2010
The Price of Neptune's Pride
Craig Lager at
"It's the most horrible game you will ever play; methodically turning you against friends, depriving you of sleep, and giving every conversation you have with fellow players an agenda. It will make you talk to yourself. It is brilliant."

July 27, 2010
Digital Cardboard and Electric Dice
Rob Zacny
"It is a bit like a board game, a bit like a traditional computer game, but it mostly feels like the start of something new."

June 14, 2010
Idle Thumbs Podcast - A Castro Situation
The guys at

June 13, 2010
10 of the best free games you should play today
Richard Cobbett on
"Get hooked on it and you'll spend every waking minute deciding who to stab in the back."

May 24, 2010
Neptune's Pride on Good Game
Hex and Bajo on

March 29, 2010
Space Lions? Neptune's Pride Have a Word
Phill Cameron on

March 10, 2010
Pride And Falls: Neptune's Pride Diary
Phill Cameron, Tom Francis, Kieron Gillen, Hentzau, Chris Pelling, Quinns, Jim Rossignol, Graham Smith.

February 23, 2010
Take (Neptune's) Pride in Your Treachery
Andy Rose on

February 12, 2010
Analysis: The Icy Grandeur of Neptune's Pride
Quintin Smith on

January 14th, 2010
Irrational Pride: Neptune's Pride Beta
Kieron Gillen on

January 11th, 2010
Hardcore Strategy Without Hard Work
Pete Haas on

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